Roxë15 Goes Worldwide

We’re electrified with excitement to let you know that our *finally* finished Afrofuturist short film Roxë15 has been picked up for distribution in N. America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa by ShortsTV, beginning later this year! HUGE PROPS to everyone who helped make this project happen and to everyone who stuck with us on this long & winding path through post-production. Due to contract terms, we can’t post the film online for free viewing, but we’d like to introduce the brand new, highly official trailer, edited by Nicolette Swift and Yours Truly. For more on the film (including a deleted scene) and our amazing cast, visit

To Serve Man

For #FBF, we’re kicking off the weekend with an oldie but goodie from “The Twilight Zone” at the tip-top of its game. This episode is called “To Serve Man” and it’s golden. Enjoy! 🙂

Hear It with Your Body


Can you imagine hearing music with your body? London design firm CuteCircuit has partnered with Germany’s Jungen Symphoniker Hamburg to produce the Sound Shirt, which allows deaf people to feel the music being played when they wear the shirt. It’s pretty mindblowing.



electro kiss.png

Artistic Freedom Ltd. is stoked to share MISSION with Central Ohio! Our short sci-fi thriller screens Saturday, April 22 at the Columbus International Film & Video Film Festival.

MISSION is the rare sci-fi film with an all-woman production team: writer/director/producer, producer, cinematographer and composer.

Hope they’re ready….we are.